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Simply, corporate culture is shared by all members of corporate compliance and beliefs, norms and value system. It includes cultural concepts, values, entrepreneurship, ethics, codes of conduct, corporate system, culture environment, enterprise products, and so on.

In our company ,each one’s words ,deeds and temperament characteristics are reflections of Changqing Ginseng Industry corporate culture. So whether we are at work or in everyday life, we should put the company's culture into mind and our circumstance, embody it in behavior, express it in our product. so can we penetrate corporate culture into the blood, and let our culture become a source of company's development and strength .

1 Company Logo: Jilin Changqing Ginseng Co., Ltd.
2 Company Tenet: Using good natural raw materials, prepare well for health. 
3 Company Management Philosophy: honest and trustworthy, diligent and saving, caring people in the world, innovative.

Honesty and trustworthiness is the company's basic moral ideas. In order to let customers choose us trustingly, we should win the market credibility first. While where does the credibility come from? The answer is from each employee. People with no credit is unable to do things trustingly. To be honest and trustworthy, one can be trustful, and his product can be trustful. so credibility is the most basic surviving elements, and it is also our employee’s code of ethics.

Diligent and saving is the spirit of the company. We are trying to be a man of diligent and do things carefully, to be steady and courageous as a bull , to be patient and dedicating, so can we surviving in adversity. At the same time, cost reduction is also a principle of our company in the course of business. We each employee let this fine tradition embed in our hearts, manifested it in our daily work.

Caring people is the company's fundamental values and important social responsibility. All the product of our company is for life care and health services . We must use our love to safeguard people’s life and health. This is also our responsibility .It is not just for customers but the entire society. Therefore, in the daily production process, we remember to make our products with love and duty.

Continuous innovation is the source for the company's development, and is future and hope of the enterprises. Innovation requires knowledge. And knowledge is embodied in research and development, production, marketing, service and all other links. This is an information era of rapid changes, everything is changing, Enterprises are likely to lag behind if we don’t care about it. Lagging means bankruptcy. So it requires all our employees to keep on learning, to acquire new knowledge, to appliy knowledge in innovative technology and service, and thus our business can be lively forever.